Executive Director Miracles Club

  • Miracles
  • 4200 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212, USA
  • Jul 07, 2019
Full-Time Admin / Support Services

Job Description

Executive Director of the Miracles Club
The Executive Director will report to Miracles Board of Directors and the Miracles Membership.  The Executive Director will negotiate and implement PDS, Health Promotion and other grants/contracts, and maintain the Miracles community recovery center.  The Executive Director understands the principles of P.R.O.s (Peer Run Organizations), and principles of supporting culturally specific recovery from addiction.  The Executive Director will manage culturally specific peer delivered services in multiple locations.  The Executive Director inspires recovery, health and wellness.  The Executive Director demonstrates leadership skills, and the capacity to be affable and work constructively with others, with a minimum of five years of leadership experience.

Skill Requirements

1.  Knowledge of basic fundamentals of accounting and financial management: preparing an annual budget, averaging monthly expenses, recording cash disbursements, reconciling disbursements, securing negotiable and undeposited  instruments, segregation of financial duties, recording receivables and issuing cash receipts,  cash flow management, maintaining appropriate inventory, documentation of reimbursements, obtaining travel and special expense authorizations, negotiating contracts and supervising compliance, maintaining procurement standards, maintaining financial records, supervising time sheets and allocation of FTEs, payment of state and federal taxes, procurement of insurances, managing property, and enforcing rental agreements.

2.  Understands and demonstrates proficiency in grants and fundraising: has a working knowledge of varied funding streams, grant writing, fundraising activities, event management, types of grants with both restricted and unrestricted funds, and accounting/reporting requirements for varied fundings streams.

3Preparing reports: preparing/supervising/approving contract reporting, preparing routine and ad hoc reports to the Board of Directors and Membership.  Preparing long-term fiscal goals related to the acquisition of assets and plans for maintaining assets.  Understands and is aware of procedures for filing: 1099s, 990s, and Charitable Reports.

4. Soliciting grants/contracts: locating and making application for grants and/or contract services, maintaining income for the organization.

5Employee management and supervision: establishes and maintains human resources policies and procedures, establishes organizational chart and accountability, demonstrates proficiency in employee management and supervision.

6Understands Peer Delivered Services (PDS), Recovery Housing, Health Promotion and Prevention: demonstrates knowledge of PDS and the continuum of addiction recovery services, establishes systems to maintain appropriate documentation of delivery of those services, understands prevention and health promotion practices (e.g. diet, exercise, diabetes education and prevention, cardiovascular health, etc.), understands recovery housing and contractual obligations, tenant rights, and how to address safety concerns.

7Software: is able to operate email, Google Docs, Microsoft Word/Powerpoint, Quickbooks and client record keeping software.

8Board & Membership Services: liaise with the membership, organize annual meeting and board-member committee meetings, organize and host board meetings.  Facilitate communication with the membership, board members, committee members, contractors, vendors, tenants, and allied community partners.  Demonstrates conflict resolution skills.

9Understand State & Federal Regulations: understands ORS 65 nonprofit and membership nonprofit regulations, Robert's Rules of Order, Code of Federal Regulation 42 part II, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Civil Rights Act, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, Mandatory Reporting of child abuse, elder abuse, and vulnerable populations, Oregon Administrative Rules regarding delivery of behavioral health services, including, but not limited to principles of; informed consent, medication assisted treatment, client rights, and grievance procedures.