Twin 6th Graders

  • Portland, OR, USA

Hello! I’m a mom of twin 6th grade boys looking for a student to help with homework daily after school for about an hour (more when necessary). We live close to Lewis and Clark campus (within walking distance) and would like homework help after 4 pm Monday through Thursday starting around Sept. 6th.This would be great experience working with kids, and especially great for those interested in teaching. 

We’re looking for someone who is very confident in their middle-school math abilities to help the boys with their daily math assignments. This person will manage all their homework to ensure the boys both understand what they’re doing and complete their work accurately. Must also help with unfinished in-class assignments, book reports, etc. Mom would basically like to step aside from this role and just be mom. 

If you are knowledgeable with 6th grade school work, can explain things well, are dependable/on-time, and kind (yet able to confidently redirect the boys when distracted), please reach out. Paying $20-$25/hr. 

Thank you!