VanCare, Inc.

Since 1990, VanCare, Inc. has been a premier Supported Living Agency in Vancouver, WA for adults with developmental disabilities.  Our Mission is to ‘Enhance the Quality of Life’ of the people we support.  We focus on life together in a “do with, not do for” effort toward success in all aspects.

We support each person to meet their basic needs using methods that preserve dignity, promote self-reliance and a sense of accomplishment.

VanCare, Inc. empowers Individuals to guide their Supported Living Services at home and in community interfacing.  Support and training in social interactions, relationship building, communication, and self-help skills are provided to maintain and enhance the status of the Individual.  We listen attentively, with an open mind and practice resourcefulness by looking beyond the obstacles and finding creative ways to make things happen.

Our purpose is to support people to move forward and continually enhance their independence, competence and participation at home and in the community.  We support Individuals to establish new relationships and maintain valuable relationships, and continually strive to improve Supported Living Services.

VanCare, Inc. is contracted through the State of Washington to provide services to the people in our program.  All VanCare, Inc. employees are subject to WA State requirements as stated in the Washington Administrative Codes and Revised Code of Washington.