State of Oregon - Oregon Legislature

The State of Oregon has a Citizen Legislature consisting of the Senate, whose 30 members are elected to serve four-year terms, and the House of Representatives, which has 60 members elected for two-year terms. The assembly convenes every two years in regular session on the second Monday in January during odd-numbered years, a date set by statute. Oregon Constitution does not specify a limitation on session length, however most sessions last approximately six months. During the interim, legislators serve on interim committees and task forces that study issues likely to be faced during the next legislative session.

Oregon’s representative form of government is governed by rules, laws, and procedures. Although the process is long, complex and dominated by committees, all laws begin as someone’s idea.

The Legislative Branch is comprised of the Assembly (state elected officials and their staffs) and four legislative service service agencies:

Legislative Administration:
The Legislative Administration Committee is the primary support service arm of the Legislative Assembly. Its executive officer, the Legislative Administrator, oversees the activities of a number of units within Legislative Administration.

The committee, authorized by ORS 173.710, is composed of the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, three senators appointed by the President and four representatives appointed by the Speaker.

The committee appoints an executive officer who serves as administrator for Legislative Administration. The administrator's office coordinates and oversees the operation of the following administrative units: Employee Services; Facility Services; Information Systems; Financial Services; and
Committee Services.

Legislative Counsel:
Overseen by the Legislative Counsel Committee, the Office of the Legislative Counsel provides legal and publication services to the Legislative Assembly and its members and other agencies of state government. The office drafts measures and amendments for legislators, legislative committees and state agencies; provides legal advice to legislators and legislative committees; reviews state agency rules for legal sufficiency; prepares indexes and tables for legislative publications; edits, publishes, sells and distributes the Oregon Revised Statutes, the official bound session laws and other print and electronic publications.

Legislative Fiscal:
The Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) is a permanent, non-partisan legislative service agency. It provides research, analysis, and evaluation of state expenditures, financial affairs, program administration, and agency organization. The LFO also provides fiscal impact statements on legislative measures.

Committees staffed by LFO include the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, the Emergency Board, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, and the Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology.

Legislative Revenue:
The Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) is a permanent, non-partisan legislative service agency. It provides research and analysis on tax policy and school finance issues for legislators, legislative committees, and their staffs. The LRO also provides revenue impact statements on legislative measures that affect state or local revenue. Legislative committees staffed by the LRO are the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee, the House Revenue Committee, and the Task Force on Comprehensive Revenue Restructuring.

The office was established in law by the 1975 Legislature. Its authority and functions are specified in ORS 173.800 through ORS 173.850.

State of Oregon - Oregon Legislature Salem, OR, USA
Apr 18, 2018
Legislative Administration is recruiting for one full-time, continuing Accessibility and Inclusion Administrator to join the Employee Services team. This position provides broad based professional human resource support and training in all areas related to accessibility in the Capitol and the legislative process. This position provides interpretation of personnel rules and procedures in various areas.  Responsibilities include developing the agency's inclusion and equity program's long-range plans, goals, objectives, and milestones, and evaluating program effectiveness; reducing barriers to protected classes and those under-represented, engaging the organization in dialogue that promotes understanding, respect, and inclusion in the work environment; and collecting data, conducting analyses, and providing reports on the branch's progress related to accessibility, equity, inclusion, and diversity. This position is located in the State Capitol.  It is a highly social position that requires near constant interaction with other individuals in many diverse applications.  You must be willing and enthusiastic about taking the lead in social situations such as organizational gatherings and trainings within the Legislative Branch to establish rapport and build trust with our customers.    Duties & Responsibilities OUTREACH Serve as an internal consultant and supporter to design, develop and execute programs and initiatives that engages legislative members, agency leadership and employees to effectively build diversity and inclusion values and practices into day-to-day operations and advance the Legislative Branch as a diverse and inclusive environment and organization. EDUCATION Create and deliver training programs in venues that focus on developing diversity champions in others, demonstrating interpersonal awareness, showing how to link teams to organization, encouraging excellence, how to leverage and value diversity, and foster collaboration. ADA ACCESSIBILITY  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related legislation require that many specific services be accessible to all.  This position will work to address and solve physical access issues in the Capitol and engagement in the interactive process to resolve reasonable accommodation requests and grievances and will maintain the required documentation and log. NTERPRETATION / TRANSLATION  (Foreign Language) Coordination of foreign language interpretation and translation services.  COMMITTEE ADMINISTRATION Provide administration to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
State of Oregon - Oregon Legislature Salem, OR, USA
Apr 06, 2018
The Office of the Legislative Counsel has one full-time, continuing position opening for an Executive Support Specialist 2.  This position is located in the Capitol building in Salem, Oregon. The Office of the Legislative Counsel provides legal and publication services to the Legislative Assembly. Working under the direction of the Legislative Counsel, legal, editorial and clerical staffs are responsible for drafting measures for legislators, legislative committees and state agencies, providing research and legal services to the Legislative Assembly and its committees and reviewing administrative rules of state agencies. The Legislative Counsel also directs staff in editing, indexing, annotating and publishing  Oregon Revised Statutes  and publishing  Oregon Laws   and  Oregon Criminal Code . The primary purpose of this position is to provide front desk reception for the Office of the Legislative Counsel. The position answers and routes all incoming office telephone calls so requires excellent oral communication skills. This position greets all visitors and contributes to the first impression customers have of the office so a high degree of tact and diplomacy is required. This position handles and maintains all docket work orders so experience organizing and maintaining both computer and paper files is essential. This position provides front-line customer service so requires the ability to interact effectively and in a professional and friendly manner with legislators, elected officials, staff, lobbyists, the media, other agencies and the public. CUSTOMER SERVICE/RECEPTION Assume primary responsibility for greeting all office visitors and answering all incoming calls in a friendly, competent and professional manner.  Position contributes to first impression customers have of LC. Position requires a high degree of tact and diplomacy, because customers include elected officials, legislators, staff, lobbyists, the media, other agencies and the public.   Answer, screen and route incoming calls using a multi-line telephone system.   Determine inquiry or request of customer, which may be time-sensitive or critical in nature.  Accurately assess facts and circumstances and make independent judgment on appropriate course of action. Redirect or respond to inquiry or request with timely, accurate and complete information.   Provide legislative information to customers on measure status, committee memberships, legislator addresses, meeting dates and agenda items. Control flow of visitors and information requests to LC staff. May periodically schedule appointments or meetings for LC staff members.             Process and sort incoming/outgoing mail and faxes.   ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT Develop and maintain on-going centralized filing system for LC draft requests.  Compute, prepare and distribute statistical records of all draft requests monthly (during interim) and weekly (during session).   Develop and maintain electronic docket system and distribute all legislative draft requests.  Update electronic record of LC requests daily.  Prepare and distribute copies of electronic records to legislators and staff members.  Maintain docket system and process all Administrative Rules for further analysis by legal staff.   Develop and maintain timekeeping billing system for agency drafts and distribute all agency draft request billings.   Answer customer inquiries about LC publications. Research customer history on database for inquiries and various transactions.  Sort, stamp, process and input spreadsheet data of publication orders for Administrative Services staff. Ship LC publications off-site at agency warehouse. Draft, edit and prepare correspondence for signature of Legislative Counsel. Develop and produce forms and reports as requested.  Maintain and process confidential documents and files.  Maintain Legislative Counsel's schedule.  Distribute materials for LC.   Order and maintain office supplies. Ensure supply area is maintained in an organized manner. Other duties as assigned by Administrative Services Manager, Chief Deputy Legislative Counsel or Legislative Counsel.   Regular and punctual attendance is an essential function of all positions within the Office of the Legislative Counsel.