Stettler Supply Company

In the past, we have always recruited via the newspaper. Sometimes we had good results and sometimes we did not. Recently, we had an opening for a difficult to fill position that we have had past problems filling. We opted to list this position as open with Jobdango and signed up for their resume access service also. Our Company is located in Salem so we needed someone who either lived here or was willing to move here. Jobdango was a great vehicle for getting candidates who were both qualified and available to work in Salem. As Jobdango concentrates on the Pacific Northwest, our job opening was available to out of state employees searching for positions in this area. I found numerous qualified candidates on the job site and just sent e-mails out to the ones I wanted to interview. I had a very good response to my inquiries. I also received several resumes from out-of-state candidates who were anxious to re-locate to our area. We ultimately hired an applicant who contacted us via e-mail from Chicago, IL. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Jobdango. Their website is easy to understand and their resume base if extensive. The information is easily accessible and easy to organize. Thank you Jobdango for your excellent service. - Stettler Supply Company