Construction Equipment Company

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you these past few years. You have made my job easier with your excellent customer service. You are always quick to respond to my requests, you’ve done complete postings for me when I was short of time, you always check in and you send me smiles and words of encouragement when they are needed most! We have done several postings and have had immediate response with qualified candidates. Within an hour of a new posting we will begin receiving responses! The screening services offered by Jobdango make the recruiting process even easier. I have yet to be disappointed by any aspect of Jobdango. I am excited to see how much Jobdango has grown and grabbed market share in the Portland market. I love seeing your ads, buses and billboards around town. Every time I see a Jobdango ad I think of it as another chance for my company to reach another candidate. Thank you for a wonderful recruiting experience. I will continue promoting Jobdango whenever and wherever I can! - Construction Equipment Company