Watkins Motor Lines

We had a terrific response from our Portland job postings with Jobdango! I happened to keep stats on it which I don't always do. Here are the impressive results of resume responses: Freight Handler 118 = 79 Jobdango + 20 Monster + 14 Unknown + 7 CareerBuilder P&D Driver 29 = 17 Jobdango + 5 Monster + 4 Unknown + 1 CareerBuilder I want to point out that this is a tally only of the resume responses. The candidates that phoned in their applications were 41 Freight Handlers (159 total) and 14 P&D Drivers (43 total). For the phone-ins I have no way of tracking how they heard about the job. Based on the results I was able to track, I'll bet a majority of them were from Jobdango. I include the information to show you what an excellent volume of candidates we received from Jobdango. I wish Jobdango was available in the other markets I recruit for--it's such a great tool! - Watkins Motor Lines