I just want to take a moment to share with you how much I appreciate the job your team did with advertising our Associate Manager position. I received roughly three times the response that I have experienced with similar postings on I look forward to working with you more in the future. Again, thanks to your team for a great job - Bi-Mart
I appreciate your efforts in always being ready and willing to assist me with my hiring needs. I will absolutely be contacting you when we are ready to hire again in our Financial Sales department seeing as how Jobdango is the only outside recruiting tool we use for staffing that position! Thank you for all of your continued help and support! - US Bank
Thanks so much! Judging from the responses we've been getting, I ought to take you to lunch one day just to say "You Rock". - Penguin Windows
Just wanted to say thanks for providing such excellent service! We recently posted a position with Jobdango and Careerbuilder and were very happy with the response we received from our ad with you…we had a much bigger response and the candidates we saw were much more qualified than what we received from Careerbuilder. Thank you so much for making our money well spent! - Advantis Credit Union
Thanks to Jobdango, after over a hundred applications, we filled our front office job. - EcoWater Northwest
We have used Jobdango for the last two years. We are always amazed at the quick response from candidates as soon as the job is posted, and the number of responses we gain. Using the "Featured Job" tool, which announces a position during the KPTV news broadcasts, not only advertises the position..but promotes our clinic name as well. - Gastroenterology Specialist of Oregon
You guys were terrific, and I will absolutely use Jobdango again. You were, of course, very easy to work with: disarming, personable and professional. The service was relatively intuitive, and I LOVED being able to put as much data in as I could think to add. Finally, the job applicants we got were many and varied. We will definitely use Jobdango for our future hiring needs, and you are the guy I’ll call if I have questions. (I have a...
The recent position we advertised on Jobdango yielded excellent results.  We ended up with three highly qualified applicants for our position, all of whom found us through Jobdango.  After several interviews and a very difficult decision we have hired an exceptional employee.  We will definitely be using Jobdango for our future needs. - Michael Allen's
Just to let you know that we have hired an RN through our Jobdango ad. She actually responded to our original ad in April and she re-applied. Thank you for your efforts. If in the future we are seeking another professional position we will contact you. - Coast Rehabilitation Services
I ran the same posting on and, and received by far the best candidates from Jobdango. My last two hires have come from Jobdango and I have been very pleased with their performance. When looking for local talent, I know only one source moving forward, Jobdango! Thanks for your help. - SR Smith
I wanted to let you know that once again Jobdango has provided me with many excellent responses to my job ad. I was able to hire a person who I feel will make a positive impact with First Choice. Thank you! - First Choice In-Home Care
Wow, we placed an ad with Jobdango in September for the 2nd time. We had placed an ad last year as well. We had a great response! We had tons of applicants respond and ended up hiring two people. Thank You Jobdango! - Eastside Van & Storage / Mayflower