About us

Jobdango is locally owned and operated right here in the Northwest.  In 2001 our local economy was struggling much like it is right now. We built Jobdango during that season with a passion and vision to serve Northwest companies and jobseekers with the best local resource for job advertising.  Plus, make a real long lasting impact in our economy and region.  At the time the only place for local jobs was the newspaper, but over the last 8 years times have radically changed. There are only a few struggling newspapers left and very few people are using them anymore. The vast majority of jobseekers are online, and that means everybody, computer programmers to painters, mechanics to cooks, entry level to c level, you name it, they’re on line. Jobdango has strategically positioned our site for our clients to reach these local jobseekers. 

Jobdango focuses on investing our time, efforts, and finances back into our local community. With a lot of hard work and dedication we have become the largest job advertiser in the Northwest as well as the best place for a local company to advertise jobs.

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