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Portland/Vancouver TriMet Bus Advertising


Jobdango has advertisements on the exterior of Portland Trimet Buses.These buses circulate throughout the Portland metropolitan cities and reaches hundreds of thousands of local people daily.

Our Bus ads move throughout residential and core business areas, delivering our message throughout the marketplace all day, every day. This continuity builds familiarity with our brand, so customers will think of us when looking for jobs.

Portland TriMet MAX Light Rail Advertising


Jobdango has advertisements inside TriMet MAX trains in Portland. These trains travel throughout the Portland metropolitan area and reach tens of thousands of local people daily.

Nearly 89 million rides were taken on MAX and buses between July 2001 and July 2002. TriMet's MAX light rail carries about 80,000 riders each weekday-about 27 percent of TriMet's total daily trips.

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