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360 Solutions
Address: 1112 Daniels Street, Ste 102
Vancouver, Washington  98660
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ince 2013 we have been doing exciting and challenging work for many Portland metro area businesses of all sizes. We are not your typical "cookie cutter" consulting company--think of us as the healthier, happier alternative to a Managed Service Provider. Our innovative approach to providing clients with IT support and customized solutions has earned us a reputation for fairness and professionalism. We pride ourselves on devising solutions that fit each client rather than squeezing all clients into one mold which leaves our clients happy and our company enjoying our work life.

Because we bill by the hour, rather than with monthly reoccurring flat rates, clients pay for only what they receive, and we have long-established, trust-based relationships. Our clients are not simply a source of income; they become friends, and we appreciate their unique circumstances warranting unique solutions from our unique IT talent pool.

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