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Sester Farms, Inc.
Address: 33205 SE Oxbow Drive
Gresham, Oregon  97080
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Our nursery is located in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range—an area noted for its natural beauty. We attempt to harmonize what nature has bestowed upon us—fertile soil, sufficient rainfall and moderate temperatures with good cultural practices to produce quality and beauty in our plants.

Sester Farms is a family owned and operated nursery specializing in Colorado Spruce, Austrian Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Mugho ‘Pumilio’ Pine. We are also offering some grafted spruce cultivars as well as an expanding line of deciduous trees. Gordon Sester and his two sons, Ted and Tim, are known as particular, quality growers—and it shows!

Our Colorado Blue Spruce are moved from liner beds when they are five years old and then root pruned and re-planted at wider spacing. Though this is a costly process, we feel it is an important part of why we are able to supply you with the best fibrous root system possible. Root-pruning also promotes a full tight plant.

Sester Farms’ Austrian pine are well known for their superior appearance. Our Austrian pine have a fibrous root system and a sheared-cultured top which gives a nice full appearance with no open areas. Our customers are very happy with this look. Some have referred to it as a ‘Sester Austrian’. Our Ponderosa pine are grown with similar cultural practices to the Austrian, although we promote more of a natural, native look for the top.

We have an excellent supply of mugho pine ‘Pumilio’. Our mugho pine are container grown. Because our mugho are of the ‘pumilio’ seed source, they will maintain a fuller, more compact growth habit. We highly recommend these as easy care plants for both residential and commercial landscaping.

We have continued to expand and diversify our line of nursery stock. This year we have again increased our numbers of saleable deciduous trees and added some new varieties to our production that will be available for sale in the 2006-2007 season. Please check our catalog listings to see the sizes available. We offer deciduous trees in both bareroot and container. Our container line of deciduous trees are offered for year round shipment.

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