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Address: 3125 NW 35th
Portland, Oregon  97210
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Since 1938, Carson has served the needs of our customers with a variety of products and services in Oregon, Washington, California, and Utah. Over those 77 years, our brand has been trusted by thousands of customers. By building trust, and providing dependability and excellent service, Carson has been able to expand our products and service offerings. We now have eight different divisions of Carson that include the following:

Carson Fuels
Carson Lubricants
Carson Transload
Carson Industrial Solutions
Carson Carwash
Carson Heating & Cooling
Carson American Equipment
Carson Retail
Our roots still remain strong in the petroleum products and services industry. We have expanded our business offerings to better serve your business needs. This allows you to work with one vendor instead of numerous vendors. We are here to help you grow your business.

Through a steady commitment to quality, Carson is a leader in the petroleum business. You will find that Carson offers value and competitive pricing. We are devoted to quality and service to help build valuable and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

In addition, we are an equal opportunity employer in Oregon, Washington, California, and Utah. We rank 18th on Oregon’s Business’s top 150 of Oregon’s privately held companies, an achievement made through providing excellent products and services. We are more than just a company, we are an organization that puts people first. Whether you are looking to start a career at Carson or looking for a long lasting business partnership, Carson is here for you.

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