The Northwest "Our Sweet Spot"

Graphic Products
We have been very pleased with the results. We have gotten some of the ideal applicants that we are looking for in a very short time period. Everybody we've worked with at Jobdango has been prompt, polite, and efficient. There are a lot of online sources to choose from and I am glad that we found Jobdango's great prices, great service, and very broad reach. - Graphics Products
We received the contract to provide security services at PDX Airport.   The contract start was Feb 1.  We had 65 employees to hire.   Jobdango was a primary supplier of applicants through this process.   We were able to identify a very strong team  I would give Jobdango high marks for the exposure and visibility to Portland job force and the exceptional customer service.  As we continue to grow in the Portland area – we will continue to utilize Jobdango! - HSS
EnviroShred NW
All of the positions we advertised in the last 30 days on Jobdango have been filled with excellent people! We are now fully staffed.. We look forward to using your services again when we have a need to fill future positions. - Enviroshred NW
Apria Healthcare
With all of the resources Apria has used, yours has seen the most response with more applicants that meet our qualifications. With the ability to select and refine the search your web site and network has proven to be a time saver for Apria. I look forward to doing business with Jobdango in the future! - Apria Healthcare
Progressive Insurance - Salem
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the great customer service! These days everything is automated, and though that can be a good thing it can also hinder good customer service. Thank you for providing one-on-one customer service! - Progressive Insurance
Evraz Inc NA.
Wow! I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how overwhelmed I have been with the response to our postings on Thank you for your persistence in bringing your site to my attention. In this time of staff reductions it is wonderful to find something that is so user friendly and actually saves time! I look forward to using jobdango for future postings. - Evraz
Emerald Staffing
Jobdango works great for our office! We have found some fantastic candidates for hard to fill positions. I recently had an immediate staffing need for a specific skill set. I went to Jobdango at 2 pm in the afternoon, and had a candidate interviewing in my office by 3:30 pm the SAME day. The candidate started work at my client site the next day! - Emerald Staffing
Clear Channel
We've received a big response from Jobdango for our promotions director position. I'll definitely be using Jobdango again!! Thanks! - Clear Channel
Helping Hands Home Care
Thank-you so much! The applicants that we did receive were more than qualified and the customer service you gave us was over the top.... If we ever need something like this again Jobdango will be the first one we call! - Helping Hands Home Care
Children of the Sea
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to inform you of our response from using We received many qualified resumes and letters and ended up picking our new employee from We couldn't be happier! Thanks for all your help. - Children of the Sea
First Insight
Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate your help. Amazing customer service so far, I am very impressed. Thanks again! - First Insight
Jobdango is a very useful tool in my hiring process. I will continue to use Jobdango as a hiring resource. You were a lot of help and very professional in handling all my hiring needs. The entry form is user friendly and easy to use. I feel Jobdango will work well for many employers and the longer your company exists the better it will get. I am amazed by the response that it is getting already. - JaCivas
Marinepolis USA, Inc.  (Sushi Land)
Jobdango turned me from skeptic to believer. I would not hesitate to use Jobdango's incredibly fine-tuned services for any of our on-going help-wanted needs in both of the Portland or Seattle metro areas. Thanks - Jobdango! - Marinepolis USA - Sushi Land
Thank you for introducing me to the services of Jobdango. It has made my search to fill a position much more convenient than I have experienced in the past. I will definitely use your services in the future when needed. - TricorBraun
Staff Finders Technical Inc.
The applicants that we did receive were more than qualified and the customer service you gave us was Over the Top..... If we ever need something like this again Jobdango will be the first one we call! - Staff Finders Technical
Sino-American Import & Export, LLC
On behalf of Sino-American I would like to thank you for the great customer service you and Jobdango have offered. Beginning with the initial contact you personally have given 100% satisfaction and to follow up. You just reminded us our contract is due to expire in a couple days. Fortunately your services supplied us a great candidate to fulfill our position and we will use your services again in the future when we are ready to hire again. - Sino-American Import & Export
University Medical Group
Most recently we selected and hired a candidate for our Signature Programmer Analyst position who came to us through Jobdango. We had tried for several months through other means of recruitment to fill this position. It was Jobdango that brought us success. We look forward to future opportunities to work with you . . . University Medical Group
Iron Mountain Records Management
After using Jobdango for only 30 days, I am now comfortable I can find a quality candidate in a respectable time frame. It's nice to know that I no longer have to sort through several hundred highly distributed and poor quality resumes from Monster, Hotjobs, and others. You've got me for my future job openings in OR. - Iron Mountain Records Management
Thank you for introducing me to Jobdango! In the first week of access to your resumes we have 6 interviews set with some top quality candidates. Thanks again! - AFLAC
Paychex, Inc
A special thank you for the "extra" that you do. I spoke with a lady today that sent her resume only because she was standing in a Fred Meyer check out line the other day and she was behind two guys wearing Jobdango t-shirts. She has been job hunting for several months so she ventured to ask what Jobdango was. The guy not only informed her of Jobdango but also gave her a plug on Paychex. What service!!!! In the Paychex world we would refer to that as delivering "service plus one". You have created a "raving fan" in me. - Paychex
Wealthbridge Mortgage
We are very happy customers! We are getting a higher number of quality resumes per dollar spent than either the Oregonian or More resumes less money = happy customer - Wealthbridge Mortgage
Sino-American Import & Export, LLC
We highly recommend Jobdango for locating qualified candidates for job openings. We have found that posting our jobs on Jobdango has been easy to do. Using Jobdango's web page to review, categorize and track resumes and respond to applicants was easy and helped to keep the process well organized. The value vs. the quality of applicants is extremly good. We will continue to use Jobdango for all our new job positions in the future. Thanks! - Sino-American  Import & Export
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
Just a quick note to thank you for your ongoing assistance while utilizing Jobdango for the first time! The ad did generate several viable candidates for the job we posted. The ad looked very professional and the cost was below that of running a traditional ad in the weekly newspaper. We will definitely look to Jobdango again when looking to fill a position! - Gallagher Bassett Services
Thanks so much for helping us find a great candidate! Your services were highly effective and cost-efficient. Within just a few days I had over 50 applicants knocking down my door trying to get a job and from those 50 I interviewed 15 very qualified applicants. The person we hired was from your website and we are very happy with our choice. We would definitely consider using you again in the future. Finally, you personal service was greatly appreciated. Any time I needed something, you were very prompt in responding to my requests. Thanks again for all the help and best of luck in the future. - Ingersoll-Rand
Northwest Staffing Resources
Recently I emailed our company recruiters to get feedback on 100% of the response that I received was positive. Our recruiters found the website very easy to use and the response we are getting to our postings is tremendous. We feel that is providing us with an invaluable recruiting tool for our local market. In addition, the service you have provided is outstanding. It is nice to work with a company who truly values their customers and is open to suggestions for continual improvement with the website. Thanks again for a great recruiting tool. - Northwest Staffing Resources
Kietra Corporation
I want to thank you for the wonderful experience our organization has had using Jobdango. In the past we have resorted to the Oregonian when posting jobs. We were amazed how user friendly Jobdango’s website is and the number of applicants we received for a single posting. The best part is we paid almost 75% less for a 30 day posting with Jobdango as opposed to a two day posting with the Oregonian.

Jobdango really does cater their customer services skills, knowledge and usability of their website to benefit the employer. I’m a true believer of Jobdango and Kietra Corporation will only use Jobdango exclusively when posting new job openings within our organization. - Kietra
Benchmade Knife Company, Inc.
Our posting expired today and I wanted to let you know that we filled 3 of the 4 jobs through jobdango! We look forward to posting more jobs. Thanks again. - Benchmade Knife Company
Advantage Business Capital
Your services worked well. Our posting generated 20-25 applicants, which were more than a similar ad in the Oregonian. The applicant that we hired in the end was from our posting with you! We will use your services again when a hiring need arises. - Advantage Business Capital
Oregon Mutual Insurance Company
My company's listing on reached its targeted market -- in our region -- and minus the "not really qualified" fringe candidates. We were able to fill our position before the listing expired! Plus, the listing was user friendly, technically professional and an all around good value. - Oregon Mutual Insurance
NoaNet Oregon
We’ve received great resumes and should be making our choice soon. This is the only place we received any response for the position. We’ve been looking for 3 months, placing ads in various newspapers etc. Thanks a mil. - NoaNet Oregon
Andrews Agency LLC
A quick note to share with you my Jobdango experience. As an employer who used various venues to post job openings, I found your posting process easy to use, with ample space available to provide sufficient information about the position, its description and requirements, without paying extra for each word. I especially liked the "keyword" function to make sure the posting would be well matched with the right candidates. I had responses to my posting within 2 hours of its completion. And, continued getting them for the duration of the ad term. I connected with several qualified applicants for the advertized position, as well as some possible matches for another one I will have available in the near future. I was nicely surprised with the number of applications I received, esp. compared with the responses I received from other sources I ran consecutively with Jobdango. I thought you may want to know that I am one satisfied customer! - Andrews Agency
DSU Peterbilt & GMC Inc
My managers love your service! We have hired two mechanics from the ad that has been running and the service manager says you guys put the Oregonian to shame. If you ever need a testimonial, I’d be happy to do it. I am renewing the mechanic ad today, we have had good responses to the delivery driver/cleanup ad as well. Thanks again, you are the best! - DSU Peterbilt & GMC
Invest n Retire, LLC
#2 - Your service is fantastic. We did find a qualified candidate by placing the job on Jobdango and the person starts work on the 2nd of August. I tell people all the time that I love your service. Great search engines, everything – no complaints. #1 - The response to our need for an employee - listed on Jobdango - was tremendous with excellent candidates. It was so good I have already filled the position. Easy site to use. Thanks! - Invest n Retire
Umpqua Bank
A quick email to let you know that your site is great! I especially like the ability to go in and change a job posting as often as I want. I plan to use you guys in the future to help fill our Oregon job openings. - Umpqua Bank
Elephants Delicatessen
I wanted to thank you for the services you have provided for Elephants Delicatessen. It has been very beneficial to us. I have received numerous responses to all of the job postings and take pleasure in the procedure in which they come. The candidates for every position have been excellent ones. I thank you again for the services that Jobdango provides which in turn allows my search for the perfect employee to be a credit to Elephants Delicatessen. - Elephants Delicatessen
Last week I made offers to 4 candidates in one day who came in through the Jobdango featured posting. These are great results! I'm continuing to see quality applications coming in with Jobdango as the source, as well as KATU and some of your other affiliate sites. This is great news as we have lots more hiring to do! - Stream
Roadway Express - Oregon
Thank-you for turning us onto Jobdango - It was very successful for us! - Roadway Express
Craft Warehouse
Thanks for your great support in helping us post our recent opening. The response we received was tremendous! Your web site is easy to use and made collecting resumes and cover letters a snap. I will recommend Jobdango to the owners for future job postings. Thanks again. - Craft Warehouse
Oregon Cutting Systems Group
Thank you for your service. You have been very helpful and readily available anytime I've had questions. I've found Jobdango very easy to use and I appreciate being able to make changes to my postings as needed. - Oregon Cutting Systems Group
Dr. Martens AirWair USA LLC
We've found Jobdango to be a great source for targeting high quality local candidates. We've been extremely impressed with the skill match between the applicants and our job posting. And, it was easy and quick to post on the Internet. - Dr. Martens AirWair USA
ADT Security Services, Inc.
This is a very effective program, and I feel it is an excellent service. - ADT Security Services
Wilshire Credit Corporation
Thank you for all the exceptional service you and jobdango have provided us! You have made our recruiting experience with jobdango one of the easiest methods we have used. Thanks for your great service. - Wilshire Credit
University Medical Group
Jobdango is 'hot'! We love it! Thanks for all your help. Once again, Jobdango has provided us with a generous pool of qualified applicants. I really appreciate the ease with which we are able to manage our job postings . . . and the fact that we can go in and update the job posting at any time really gives us the flexibility to insure that our recruitment efforts are directed toward the appropriate audience. The system is quick and effficient and our requests and changes are processed 'real-time'! - University Medical Group
National Relief Charities
Wanted you to know that we have filled the position, which I have listed on Jobdango. We got good candidates through that listing, and I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. I will not hesitate to use Jobdango again next time we have a job opening which needs to be posted outside of the organization. Thanks again! - National Relief Charities
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc
We're getting greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat candidates!!!! Thank you. The best ever!!!!! Bring them on!!!!! - Affiliated Computer Services
Papa Murphys International, Inc.
Just a note to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the resumes that I received for the VP of Finance position that I posted on jobdango. And the best part was that it was all local talent. Thanks Again - Papa Murphys International
PacificSource Health Plans
We here at PacificSource Health Plans Human Resource Department want to say a special thank you to you for your help and support with our recruiting needs. We find Jobdango to be a terrific tool, and your assistance makes it even that much easier to use. Thank you again for your dedication and delivery! - PacificSource Health Plans
ZRT Laboratory
I filled BOTH jobs with candidates from your site! Thanks for the quality people, Jobdango! - ZRT Laboratory
Sharp Microelectronics
This is the first time that we've utilized this site and we have been delighted by the results! Not only has the volume of responses been phenomenal, but the caliber of applicants has been outstanding. My experience as a first-time user has been very positive. The time that you spent with me, going over the posting process was enlightening. You made the process virtually painless (unlike other internet posting providers I've worked with). Kudos to you and Jobdango! We will definitely utilize this service again when the need warrants. - Sharp Microelectronics
Pacific Truck Colors, Inc.
This was the first experience with Jobdango in search for a receptionist/clerk position that we had open. I learned about Jobdango when watching KATU news and hearing them list openings, so I thought I’d take a chance. In the past we had used the State Employment (not successfully) and had run ads in the Oregonian (very expensive with limited space). We had lots of responses from your service and did find someone that was a perfect fit for us! I would definitely use “Jobdango” again in the future! - Pacific Truck Colors
Professional Business Solutions
Within hours of posting our job on, I began receiving qualified resumes. The biggest surprise, though, was that I continued to receive resumes throughout the 30 day posting period. That showed me that their audience of job seekers is vast and changing--capturing many of the types of people I want to hire! - Professional Business Solutions / Cypress Golf Solutions
We have used the service more than once in the past 6 months and have been very pleased with the results. The interface is easy to use and the time commitment on our end was minimal. Our job posting resulted in a large number of candidates and we easily matched a qualified candidate through the system. From a performance standpoint we were genuinely pleased. We did not experience any downtime or service interruptions. We plan to use in the future should we need additional staff. - / Cypress Golf Solutions
Statewide, Inc
We have had nothing but success using Jobdango to recruit perspective new sales people. In the last three training classes I would say six out of seven new recruits in the classes came from our advertising in Jobdango. I recommend Jobdango to anyone who needs to place an ad for new employees. - Statewide
Your service is really great. I especially like being able to call with any problems and receiving prompt and courteous attention. Keep up the good work. - OCHIN
Johnstone Supply
Jobdango is a fantastic resource for the northwest! Our Jobdango rep has been integral in making our first experience a very positive one. We have used the website to find office staff, professionals, all the way down to warehouse personnel. Our responses have been very good and most candidates reside locally, which was very important to us. We will continue to use Jobdango for our staffing needs. - Johnstone Supply
Tarr, LLC
I wanted you to know that we have filled two driving positions thanks to Jobdango. The response I received from the newspaper ads was poor. From the moment I put an ad into Jobdango, the response was very good and has kept me busy interviewing for a few days. Thanks again and you can count on us coming back when we need you again. - Tarr
Jobdango's Resume Inbox is an easy to use tool to organize resumes. I especially like using the notes feature to record my thoughts after reading the candidates resume. It's a great way to remind yourself of the candidate strengths and weeknesses. - ControlTek
CUI Inc.
I just had my first great experience with Jobdango. Their sales team has taken me every step of the way answering all of my questions with patience and excitement. I really didn’t know what to expect from this experience. But I can say with confidence that it exceeded my expectations above and beyond. I got over 150 responses to work with plus a nice structured format to help keep me organized. I am so excited I found Jobdango. I am no longer concerned about finding candidates. Thank you Jobdango! - CUI
Tillamook PUD
The Executive Assistant position we posted with Jobdango was our first use of this service. We had an outstanding response - receiving 48 applications. For a position in Tillamook, OR, with our minimum requirements, we were very pleased. We will use Jobdango in the future! - Tillamook PUD
Identity Safeguards
I have been very pleased with the results of your service. - Identity Safeguards
PacificSource Health Plans
We have been with Jobdango for over three has been a great experience. We have found the job posting process to be a snap. The response to our open positions has been tremendous. We really appreciate our Jobdango representative! He is both professional and friendly...and patient with any questions we have. Thank you for an outstanding system and outstanding service! - PacificSource Health Plans
Portland Golf Club
Thank you for your rapid response. I appreciate the stellar customer service I have received with all of your staff. It is rare these days to have such a great business relationship. Thank you! - Portland Golf Club
Your service is fantastic. I have used it twice. It is a time saver compared to the other way and my experience working with your company has been very enjoyable. I would gladly recommend your service to other employers. - Foodguys
Ross & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.
For my first experience with internet based job postings, Jobdango has been fantastic. We get a significantly different pool of candidates than traditional newspaper advertising and we are able to post more details and qualifications yet the cost is significantly less. Thanks. = Ross & Associates Insurance Services
Lloyd Purdy & Company
Setting up the posting was made simple by our Jobdango representative, and the entire process of receiving and reviewing responses was easy and painless. Within one week of listing our opening on Jobdango, we had three people who qualified to interview. We ended up hiring one of them. From start to finish, it was only three weeks! - Lloyd Purdy & Company
Roadrunner Dawes Freight Systems, Inc.
Dawes Transport has just completed our first job postings on Jobdango. Dawes received numerous qualified applicants for the positions that were posted along with the tremendous support I received from you. I would like to thank you for taking the time to walk me through the job postings, along with the continual follow-ups. Dawes will definitely be using Jobdango in the future. I only wish you would be Nationwide so Dawes Transport could utilize your services for all of our facilities. Again, much success to you in 2005. I will be in contact with you for our next recruiting needs in the Portland and Seattle area. - Roadrunner Dawes Freight Systems
Western Graphics & Data
I just wanted to let you know that I’m VERY pleased with the results I’ve gotten from Jobdango so far. As you know, it’s only been 24 hours, and already I’ve got many, many qualified applicants. I’m very impressed! - Western Graphics & Data
Signature Home Health and Home Care
Just a quick note to say thank you! The response to my job posting with Jobdango far exceeded my expectations. We have started the interview process and have already met some excellent candidates. Also, please thank your technical team for thier amazing technical advice. I am sure they realizes I am new at this. - Signature Home Health and Home Care
The Standard
I wanted to let you know we had a HUGE response from our initial Jobdango postings. In a typical day, we receive 25 - 30 resumes. Today, we received 230 from our Jobdango postings alone! Thanks - The Standard
US Foodservice
I am writing this testimony to Jobdango to offer my thanks and gratitude for your services. Your team has been contacting me on a regular basis offering recruiting assistance. finally we had a vacancy in which I asked for your help. With in a half hour of the posting I had seven responses--and unlike the majority actually met some of our criteria! Based upon what I know about the position now that it has been posted for three days, I have several qualified to choose from. Thank you for your persistence and assistance--I look forward to a positive and long term working relationship with you! - US Foodservice
Coyote Manufacturing, Inc.
Thank you for the wonderful help finding a qualified CNC Operator for Coyote Mfg.. I will make it a point to call you folks the next time we have a need for good people. - Coyote Manufacturing
Western Graphics & Data
Thank you! - I've gotten TONS of resumes, so I am ready for the job to expire! I was very pleased with the results, so I will definitely use Jobdango in the future! - Western Graphics & Data
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
The applicants from the jobdango listing have consistently had more qualifications and experience than from other sites. - St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Sylvan Industries, LLC
This has been a wonderful service so far and I will definitely be using it again when we have the need. - Sylvan Industries
Perkins & Company, P.C.
I love how your website works - I can't believe how much easier it is than! - Perkins & Company
Wholesale Commercial Interiors Inc.
In our search for a new employee our Ad in Jobdango offered us a myriad of candidates in a very short amount of time. Each day I had access to at least 10-20 new applicants responding to our Ad. We are in the process of interviewing a select few to fill our open position. As a manager, Jobdango made my hiring process very easy. In the past I have utilized local newspapers for Ads, with Jobdango the ease of receiving applicants via email streamlined the process greatly. I would use Jobdango again and have recommended it to colleagues also looking for new employees. - Wholesale Commercial Interiors
Academy Mortgage Corp
I just wanted you all to know how much I enjoy the service and quality of your web site. We posted through your service and through Monster and the quality of applicant was superior through JOBDANGO. Our corporate headquarters is in Utah and had never heard of you and while you are not there yet I am hoping! I cancelled my subscription to Monster and will use only the "j"! - Academy Mortgage
Sharper Mind Centers, Inc.
I want to thank you for your persistence in getting me to try Jobdango. I've been very pleased with the rapidity of the responses that came in, as well as the overall quality of the leads. We've gotten more than enough to choose from. I felt it was a good value for the investment, superseding what we obtained from the Oregonian. You’ve got a convert to Jobdango. - Sharper Mind Centers
NCS Tek, Inc.
We found the IDEAL candidate through our last ad and hired him. He started work today. We're now 2 for 2. You are doing just fine in our eyes. We are a fully satisfied customer. - NCS Tek
Community Action
I wanted to thank you for all your help staffing our positions at Community Action. The Managers here have felt that the majority of our most qualified applicants have come from the Jobdango postings. I've found that we spend and estimated 140.00 for a Sunday run in the Oregonian. Your postings are cost effective for a non-profit and produce results! I really appreciate the little extra things that you do for our organization. First, you have left me time to deal with some of the more urgent and pressing HR issues when you help me upload my job descriptions. I appreciate the extra help, and it makes posting painless. I really appreciate your email and phone calls when my jobs expire and your persistence when I am unavailable. The job of an Human Resources Assistant can have you in seven places at one time and I need all the friendly reminders I can get!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! - Community Action
Shilo Inns
Thank you for your help with the recent posting we had for Central Reservations Manager at our Corporate office. The response we received from the posting was great. - Shilo Inns
CB Toyota-Lift
We recently placed two employment ad's with Jobdango and I would like to say thanks for all the efforts that were put into making our job posting such a success. We had more responses to our two ad's then any other employment source we have tried in the past. - CB Toyota-Lift
Roadrunner Dawes Freight Systems, Inc.
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for the superior customer service Jobdango provided to Dawes Transport, Inc. The knowledge and flexibility exhibited by your entire staff is outstanding. Thank you for again assisting Dawes Transport in our recruiting needs. - Roadrunner Dawes Freight Systems
Medical Society Staffing
I will admit that I was skeptical about using Jobdango. However, we have more candidates than we know what to do with. My experience has been very good. I will certainly use it again in the future. - Medical Society Staffing
Just thought I would thank you all that Jobdango did in helping to fill our needs. I was quite surprised and pleased with the amount of qualified applicants we recieved in such a short amount of time. We will definitly use Jobdango in the future. - Herzog-Meier
CUI Inc.
You’re doing great. I have hired three people from the web site and they are all great employees. Thank you for all your help and enthusiasm. - CUI
Elephants Delicatessen
I just love having Jobdango on a yearly basis. I needed a cake finisher, which is a difficult position to fill, I just went to my account on Jobdango and searched the resume data base and I found three qualified candidates. - Elephants Delicatessen
Allegro Corporation
We have received SO many highly qualified resumes from applicants from Jobdango that it is going to be a VERY difficult task to narrow the list down to a manageable size for interviews! We will definitely be using Jobdango for future positions as they become available thanks to you and your website posting. Thanks again! - Allegro
Baker Rock Resources
I was pleased with the response that we got and will use Jobdango again when the need arises. I appreciate all your help! - Baker Rock Resources
Stettler Supply Company
In the past, we have always recruited via the newspaper. Sometimes we had good results and sometimes we did not. Recently, we had an opening for a difficult to fill position that we have had past problems filling. We opted to list this position as open with Jobdango and signed up for their resume access service also. Our Company is located in Salem so we needed someone who either lived here or was willing to move here. Jobdango was a great vehicle for getting candidates who were both qualified and available to work in Salem. As Jobdango concentrates on the Pacific Northwest, our job opening was available to out of state employees searching for positions in this area. I found numerous qualified candidates on the job site and just sent e-mails out to the ones I wanted to interview. I had a very good response to my inquiries. I also received several resumes from out-of-state candidates who were anxious to re-locate to our area. We ultimately hired an applicant who contacted us via e-mail from Chicago, IL. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Jobdango. Their website is easy to understand and their resume base if extensive. The information is easily accessible and easy to organize. Thank you Jobdango for your excellent service. - Stettler Supply Company
JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems
I received a great number of applicants throughout the period of my listing with Jobdango. I believe that it is more cost effective than the daily newspaper. I plan to use Jobdango exclusively for future job openings. - Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
Gales Creek Camp Foundation
I am writing to let you know that you can take our job posting down as we have many qualified candidates for our executive director position. We have narrowed the 100+ resumes we received to a final 15 who were then narrowed down to the final 8 to be interviewed. I advertised in the Oregonian and Columbian and on Jobdango. Of the 8 finalists, 6 were resumes received from Jobdango applicants. I am totally sold on the service you provide and will come to you first the next time we are in need of professional candidates. Thanks for making the process so painless and for going the extra mile and even helping me with my funky computer. Enjoy a great summer! - Gales Creek Camp Foundation
Mercer Industries, Inc.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the response we've received for our job ads. We get numerous resumes daily. Thank you! - Mercer Industries
Advantis Credit Union
It has been a pleasure to work with Jobdango, and specifically our CSR. Your customer care is top-notch, but our CSR has a way of not just meeting, but anticipating our needs. I consider Jobandgo and our CSR part of the PACE Recruitment System, when job orders arise. - Advantis Credit Union
I wanted to take the time to give you some feedback regarding your company. First let me say that I have been totally impressed with the customer service Jobdango and its employees provide. My Jobdango CSR has been great. I have never received such a positive response and interaction when advertising. - Quiktrak
NW Print Strategies
Recently we used Jobdango to fill a route sales delivery position. In the past we have used the local paper and temporary services to fill these types of positions--in the future we intend on using Jobdango again as we were very happy with the overall program from an efficiency and cost standpoint compared to methods of the past. Thanks again! - NW Print Strategies
Fairdale Nursery
Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with the success we had posting a couple of openings with "jobdango". Over all we feel that we got more exposure than through the Oregonian and the cost was much more economical. We ended up with a good group of people to interview and are pleased with the results. Will be in touch when we have any openings we might have in the future. - Fairdale Nursery
Graebel Oregon Mover
Are you kidding me? I have forever sworn off advertising in the Oregonian. Your service has been a godsend in my recruiting efforts. Thanks so much! - Graebel Oregon Mover
Powells Books
Jobdango is a streamlined, well-organized site that offers extremely useful tools to both employers and employees. The ease of account setup and the great response to our first job posting have ensured that we will use their services in the future. They do a great job at marketing their site in innovative and effective ways. Based on the tools provided, level of service, and very reasonable costs, this goes down as a best value for employers in our region. - Powells Books
Multnomah University
Jobdango is a great resource for employers, the staff is so helpful, and the exposure within the community for job-seekers is great, you couldn't hardly live in the Portland area and not have heard of Jobdango, they're everywhere. I so appreciate the space to post the entire job description online, including qualifications, that has really helped in the screening process. We will continue to post our open positions on Jobdango." - Multnomah University
Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc.
"Jobdango provides us with a convenient, easy-to-use format for storing resumes, posting jobs, and great customer service! The applicant pool has been terrific and the ability to categorize and send email to applicants is a wonderful feature. Thank you!" - Software Solutions Unlimited
Inderbitzin Distributors Inc.
Just a quick not to say thank you for all your help at Jobdango. Inderbitzin Distributors ran ads for two months on Jobdango. We received not only more responses than we usually get from a newspaper ad, as a whole they were better qualified. The job seekers knew what they were applying for since I could give a much more detailed job description on Jobdango than I could afford in the newspaper. We have hired three new employees for our route sales system, all of which responded originally through Jobdango. As we continue to grow, I will definitely be calling you for new ads. - Inderbitzin Distributors
Architectural Building Services
Architectural Building Services has used Jobdango for the last two job openings and want to say that it has been a very rewarding experience. We have used several other on-line services and Jobdango by far has a better system. The applicants that applied through Jobdango were more qualified for the positions we were trying to fill then any of the applicants that applied through the other companies. We will continue to use Jobdango for all of our hiring needs and will gladly refer them to anyone we know who is looking to hire. - Architectural Building Services
Wanted to let you know that from the timeframe of May to present, our Jobdango posting has generated 27 new hires with a cost per hire of approximately $26.00. - Colworx
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
I am very happy with Jobdango! It far exceeded my expectations in quality and quantity of applicants. Thanks for all your help, you have been great! - La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
United Advantage NW FCU
We were using Monster for a 2 week period and called or emailed every person that matched our specific search and got about a 10% response from people. I thought this was very low. If people are truly looking for a job why are they not responding. We then signed up with jobdango and the response went up by about 30%, we found 3 new employees and are very happy with the results. My only concern at this point is getting them to remove their resume so they will not be hired away from us!!! - United Advantage NW Federal Credit Union
Unified Grocers
Jobdango has done an exceptional job of helping us to find qualified, local talent at an affordable price. The advertising you have provided us has been focused on our market niche, and it has produced results! Jobdango has even provided us with television air time at relatively the same cost as simply posting an ad through any other recruitment source. We also appreciate the time and patience you showed in getting to truly know us as a client. Thanks! - Unified Grocers
First Investors Corporation
I love seeing those Jobdango resumes pop up in my inbox! I know that they are always qualified, professional candidates who are serious about their job search, and who are ready and willing to move forward with an interview. Jobdango is a very useful resource for our company because it makes it easy for us to find good candidates for our hiring process. - First Investors
Fairway America, LLC
We have been happy with the performance and ease of Jobdango for hiring. We have had a good volume of responses to our employment ads. The website is easy to use and navigate. Thanks for all your help in helping set up the account and answer any questions that have come up. Keep up the good work! - Fairway America
Jack's Overhead Door, Inc.
Recently Jack's Overhead Door, Inc. placed their first listing with JobDango. The response was incredible and we filled the position within days. Using your on-line service made the process nearly effortless. Not only will I use your service in the future, but I will not hesitate to recommend it to others. - Jack's Overhead Door
D. P. Design
This has been a very pleasant experience. Jobdango provided the technological tools to help me sort through applications quickly and easily. The customer service and support deserves at least five stars. - D.P. Design
Industrial Hearing Service
My experience with Jobdango and specifically with my sales rep was a very positive one. We generally have a hard time finding a person just right for our unusual positions, but with Jobdango we had the position filled in just a couple weeks. Jobdango offers the best customer service I have received in a long time, if I had a position for him he would be headhunted. Thanks - Industrial Hearing Design
United Advantage NW FCU
I want to thank Jobdango for doing such a good job on having the greatest bunch of resumes anywhere we have found. We just hired 4 people after subscribing for one month. We have used your services before and been very pleased with what we have found. We needed extra staff fast and we received it at jobdango. I want to thank you for all of your help in getting our ads placed and helping us negotiate the website whenever any of us had any questions. Have a safe and happy Holiday Season! - United Advantage NW Federal Credit Union
Wilcox Electric, Inc.
Jobdango has provided us with the exposure and applicants that we need along with great customer service. - Wilcox Electric
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Let me start out by thanking you for the great service you provided to me and my company. I had heard about Jobdango from a friend who told me that he had great success in finding a person for sign design. I also had great success with finding a person with many options to choose from. - Kentucky Fried Chicken
Edgewood Point Assisted Living
It’s been a good year working with Jobdango. We have made several hiring decisions based solely on the results we obtained from posting with Jobdango. You have been particularly helpful in guiding me through the steps to create postings that generated good results. Thanks again for all you do! - Edgewood Point Assisted Living
76 Express Lube
Thank you Jobdango for your services. I've had great results and highly recommend your services to anyone out there. Once again thanks! - 76 Express Lube
Arrive Staffing
I just wanted to let you know this was my first real day of working with your system and I can't tell you how glad I am that you and your team had the persistence to continue to pursue our boutique company. Your system and all the support pieces have been a breeze to learn and get rolling on immediately. Contact management is always the biggest challenge and your site has taken out all the holes and made it seamless in relationship to our systems and follow up. Thanks for being the company that you are, never taking no as an answer and realizing we just didn't know what we needed to know in order to say 'yes' to your service. Your patience for understanding who we are and what we do brought forth the right questions for us to say yes. Now, just want more little request...Can you clone yourself? I'm looking for a strong sales person who can also grasp that no isn't an answer; they just didn't ask the right questions yet! Have a great day! - Arrive Staffing
Shangri-La Corporation
Thanks! I really have enjoyed working with Jobdango! You have been so patient with us in making our decision! Again you are a pleasure to work with and so upbeat and friendly!! I love the service! THANKS AGAIN!! I hope you get the Kudos you deserve! - Shangri-La
Roberts Motor Company
We found a well qualified candidate through your service. Thank you! - Roberts Motor Company
Hey Guys…You’re AWESOME and everything you said about Jobdango is true! Thanks so much!!! - Spherion
Carpets for Kids
The success of our first Jobdango ad (two filled positions) has made the decision of placing our most recent job listing quite easy. Thanks for your support and we look forward to finding another qualified applicant. - Carpets for Kids
Watkins Motor Lines
We had a terrific response from our Portland job postings with Jobdango! I happened to keep stats on it which I don't always do. Here are the impressive results of resume responses: Freight Handler 118 = 79 Jobdango + 20 Monster + 14 Unknown + 7 CareerBuilder P&D Driver 29 = 17 Jobdango + 5 Monster + 4 Unknown + 1 CareerBuilder I want to point out that this is a tally only of the resume responses. The candidates that phoned in their applications were 41 Freight Handlers (159 total) and 14 P&D Drivers (43 total). For the phone-ins I have no way of tracking how they heard about the job. Based on the results I was able to track, I'll bet a majority of them were from Jobdango. I include the information to show you what an excellent volume of candidates we received from Jobdango. I wish Jobdango was available in the other markets I recruit for--it's such a great tool! - Watkins Motor Lines
Sister Suds Cleaning Company
I just have to let you know that I couldn't be happier. After posting our job listing around 11:30 today I was out of the office until just now. I logged on to find five applicants. We have advertised in two publication for three weeks and have garnered the same amount of applicants. Thank you very much! - Sister Suds Cleaning Company
Brighton Electronics Inc
We had a very good experience with Jobdango in Portland, Oregon and would like to share it with people who need local job advertising / recruiting services. We approached Jobdango a month ago for our open position and from the beginning we have found the Jobdango team to be courteous and highly professional in all phases of the process. First, they determined our requirements carefully; second, they located the correct categories for the position; third, they have kept the job under good maintenance; fourth, made sure all terms and services offered were clear. We have met extremly good candidates through Jobdango and we will continue to use Jobdango for our job advertising in the future! - Brighton Electronics
RB Rubber Products
I just wanted to let you know that Jobdango was a great tool for us! It gave us so much more exposure, more than we would have gotten by just using the papers. And in fact we are hiring someone that saw our opening on jobdango. I will recommend job dango to everyone that is advertising. Thanks again! - RB Rubber Products
Trans-Ocean Products, Inc
Using Jobdango was easier than placing an ad in the paper. The response was almost immediate and contacting potential applicants was much more efficient. We were able to hire a good, qualified person to fill our position. I will continue to use Jobdango in recruitment efforts for our company. - Trans-Ocean Products
Rose Villa
I want to let you know that we have had several qualified candidates apply for our open positions through Jobdango. We have offered positions to several CNA's and a groundskeeper that learned of the position through your site. We may also have a Maintenance position hired soon too. Thank you for serving Rose Villa and Portland Job seekers! - Rose Villa
GiGi Salon & Day Spa
Thank you for being very helpful and your services will be my top choice in meeting all our current and future needs to find the best staff for our company. Thanks again for your patience and customer services. Have a great one! - GiGi Salon & Day Spa
Penske Truck Leasing
All positions currently filled, got GREAT applicants off the last AD placement, had only 2 openings but hired 3 people. Where has jobdango been my whole life, we certainly have had very good luck since coming on board, thanks for all your help. Next opening, you are my first call. - Penski Truck Leasing
Jobdango has been an integral part of our recruiting efforts for the past 6 months. Their staff is easy to work with and they are proactive in trying to provide new opportunities to help us gain greater expsoure with the available applicant pool. - Randstad
Multi-Services Inc.
I wanted to express how much I appreciate all your help with putting in my ads into Jobdango. This has been an excellent way for us to find our next addition to our organization here at Multi-Services. We have received great responses and have found excellent new staff in an easy and efficient manor. All of you at Jobdango are professional and profess excellence in customer service. Thanks again for all your help! - Multi-Services
I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for the fantastic service that you provide at Every time that I have placed a job posting I have been amazed at how quick and easy your service is to use. I have always been able to hire quality employees that responded to my employment needs. Keep up the good work and I will always use jobdango in the future. - Airpark
Our one month job posting on Jobdango is now over and I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the results. It was certainly better than using the standard newspaper classifieds. We have interviewed several applicants and are in the process of selecting one. Some, of course, were not what we were looking for - but to have resumes arriving on a daily basis is great. I will certainly post with Jobdango again. Thanks again for your help. - Kasala
QPM Aerospace
I have a serious problem with Jobdango: The response was so overwhelming that my Inbox is spilling over with prospective employees. I don't even have time to go through them all so I had to recruit the help of my administrative assistant. Good problem to have, I suppose... Feel free to use this as a testimonial.... - QPM Areospace
Delta Systems, Inc.
Thanks for your follow-up and assistance with the position description we posted earlier this month. Our results were very good leading to a hire yesterday. Thank you again and we will certainly turn to Jobdango with our next position opening. - Delta Systems
Sensoray Inc.
We had an awesome response to the ad! I believe we may have found someone and we are just going through the preliminary background & screening process and if everything turns out okay we will be making someone an offer. At this time we do not need to renew the ad but we will definitely be using you in the future for any job openings we may have. Thank you for all of your follow up and your great customer service. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company! - Sensoray
Voss Framing Inc.
First of all I have to apologize for getting this over to you this late, there is no excuse for my delay after all the great help that you and your team were giving to me and the company I work for. It was a great experience to work with you and your services, it is incredible how fast and easy is to work with and we are looking forward to do business with you again. We appreciate all your help and advice. - Voss Framing
Ecos Consulting
"Ecos Consulting posts all of its Northwest positions on Jobdango - everything from staff-level to senior-level. We get a good variety of applicants for every position. The best part about Jobdango for us is the resume management interface. Being able to screen and flag resumes from the web site is wonderful. In addition, the format of applications received in our email box is very readable and professional. Some of the larger national sites have inferior formats, which makes screening resumes difficult. Jobdango has gone out of its way to make the recruitment process as easy and automated as possible." - Ecos Consulting
Adelphi Consulting Group, Inc.
We got through our busy season just fine. Many good applicants came from jobdango and we will definitely use you guys again. - Adelphi Consulting Group
Thrifty Car Rental
We hired 19 people in March and 21 in April; all but about 6 of them were from I have told my boss and our owner that if hadn't been for, I'd be pulling my hair out about now as we approach our peak tourist season. This has just been wonderful!!!!!!!! - Thrifty Car Rental
Once again I was completely satisfied with your service and I will use jobdango for our employment needs in the future. - Airpark
Bellevue Buick Pontiac GMC
Thank you for assisting us with our search for Sales Representatives. The single month we ran an ad with you resulted in considerably more qualified people than we needed. We intend to use Jobdango again as the need arises. Good Job! - Bellevue Buick Pontiac GMC
Jobdango and the featured ad are pulling great for us. I will be renewing with 100% confindence! - Fortegra
Northwest Pipe Company
I wanted to take a brief moment to express our thanks for the outstanding work and support by your team. Your customer service is far above and beyond what we would normally expect from an internet employment source. We appreciate the care you give us in keeping us informed about special advertising opportunities and updating us when our listings are about to expire. Additionally, the featured employer listing really works! We continue to get excellent candidates and my recruiting time and cost is significantly reduced by using Jobdango. We have tried the "Other Guys " -- they are expensive and the customer service is simply nonexistent. Keep up the good work.....we really appreciate it! - Northwest Pipe Company
Pediatric Associates of the Northwest
Thanks for checking in. I was successful with the RN ad! I had 4 replies, interviewed one person and hired them! (as opposed to a print ad which cost 3 times as much for 2 days and had no response) I will definitely use Jobdango again! - Pediatric Associates of the Northwest
Wright Business Graphics
Jobdango is fabulous! I recently posted a job opening and almost immediately began receiving quality resumes. In fact, I received so many resumes that I had a difficult time just choosing who to interview! Using Jobdango was simple, cost effective and well worth it. We have a new employee to prove it! Many thanks to you and the team at Jobdango. - Wright Business Graphics
Nationwide Magazine & Book Distributors
Piper Foods inc.
Facts are facts in my world. Without naming anyone, I ran ads in various newspapers local and received very little response. Is it my ad? Maybe, I could not tell you. Needless to say, I did not get my position filled. I was told about Jobdango and also received a call from Jobdango. I placed a ad with Jobdango and within two weeks not only did I have a lot of responses but I was able to fill two positions with a couple of great people. I got my moneys worth in the first week. I am looking forward to the convenience and great service that Jobdango has given me when it comes time to fill any position in my facility. - Piper Foods
RadiSys Corporation
I just wanted to send you this email as a follow-up to our phone conversation about how my resume submissions have dramatically increased since I started using Jobdango. At the first of the year (2006) I did an experiment and over a 30 day period - I subscribed to "Featured Employer" and made each of my listed positions a "Featured Job." What I realized as I looked at the number of resume submissions over that period was that using Jobdango this way increased my local high quality candidate flow by about 50%. The people didn't always apply through the Jobdango website because the radio ads also drove people to our company website and so I saw an increase in applications through several avenues. Thank you for convincing me to try your product! - Radisys
Construction Equipment Company
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you these past few years. You have made my job easier with your excellent customer service. You are always quick to respond to my requests, you’ve done complete postings for me when I was short of time, you always check in and you send me smiles and words of encouragement when they are needed most! We have done several postings and have had immediate response with qualified candidates. Within an hour of a new posting we will begin receiving responses! The screening services offered by Jobdango make the recruiting process even easier. I have yet to be disappointed by any aspect of Jobdango. I am excited to see how much Jobdango has grown and grabbed market share in the Portland market. I love seeing your ads, buses and billboards around town. Every time I see a Jobdango ad I think of it as another chance for my company to reach another candidate. Thank you for a wonderful recruiting experience. I will continue promoting Jobdango whenever and wherever I can! - Construction Equipment Company
MarQueen Hotel / Inn at Queen Anne
By using jobdango, we have successfully filled all of our current available positions with high quality people. At this time we are not doing anymore hiring, so we will not be renewing our postings. Although, next time we're looking we know where to go first! Thanks again, The staff (old and new) of the MarQueen Hotel and the Inn at Queen Anne.
This was the IRS' first experience with Jobdango. I could not have been more pleased: both with the results (316 qualified applicants to fill 60 jobs) and with the support provide by Team Jobdango. In my 9+ years of recruiting I have never experienced a more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and accessible staff. I will definitely use Jobdango again to market future jobs in both Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA. - IRS
Just wanted you to know that Jobdango really works for us! In a competitive environment like the recruiting of caregivers for our elderly clients, we've set ourselves apart by attracting great caregivers via Jobdango. Since much of our documentation is electronic, it's been beneficial to us to have new employees that have searched for employment via the web and are more electronically savvy than say, looking for employment via the newspaper. We particularly appreciate the focus on our Northwest market. Thanks, too, for great customer service and always being attentive to answering questions for me. Regards, -  SeniorBridge
Allwest Underground
We appreciate all your help. I found someone for the IT job, had a great response from our Jobdango ad. Rest assured, I have Jobdango as my primary job search; and will contact you when I have another need. - Allwest Underground
Springbrook Software
Thanks for all of your help – we were quite pleased at the number and quality of resumes we received. When we need to fill any other support positions, I am confident that we will repost with you guys! - Springbrook Software
Waco Scaffold & Equipment
Thanks for your help with our recruitment process. Before advertising with Jobdango, we ran an ad in a local trade publication for two weeks without a single resume being sent to us. After our ad was placed on your website we received approximately 10 qualified applicants per day and had filled the position within a week. We will definitely use your service again. - Waco Scaffold & Equipment
Sound Community Bank
I just used Jobdango for the first time. I had such great applicants that it was difficult to hire only one. Needless to say, I will continue to place my ads with Jobdango. - Sound Community Bank
Washington Energy Services
I just wanted to thank you for all your help in filling our company's positions. I was surprised at how many applicants we had come in for a position that I thought would be difficult to fill. Not only did we get the volume that my superiors like to see, but I got the quality of candidates that makes my job as a recruiter a LOT easier. The person that we choose was in the first round of interviews that we set up with candidates from Jobdango! So thank you again for your help! - Washington Energy Services
Fullbore Innovations
We recently placed two employment ad's with Jobdango and I would like to say thanks for all the efforts that were put into making our job posting such a success. We had more responses to our two ad's then any other employment source we have tried in the past. - Fullbore Innovations
Trinity Carpet Brokers, Inc - Corporate
Thank you so much for doing this so quickly for me. FYI – I got my job here as Controller as a result of Trinity’s Jobdango posting. Your site was an ease to use from the job seeker side – but now I can enjoy it from an employer’s side as well. Your Company is truly a “class act” – and being in a service industry here, where customer is key – I truly appreciate your attentiveness to our account and needs. - Trinity Carpet Brokers
Baker West Inc.
My first experience with Jobdango was a good one. Your ad can be more specific than in any other type of paper advertising and this helps to focus on getting the people that you are looking for to fill your position. I will use Jobdango again. - Baker West
Freightliner Trucks
I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the results have been since we posted with jobdango - We had put an add in the Sunday paper and only received about 8 resumes we had more than that within the first hour of posting with jobdango. Since posting with you we have received 97 resumes and we still receive more everyday. We are very happy with jobdango and I will recommend it to anyone I know in need of people. - Freightliner Trucks
Joseph Bernard LLC
We hired two new brokers this past month, both of which learned about our open position through Jobdango. My hiring partner and I couldn’t be happier with the candidates we chose. Thank you so much for providing a terrific service to our firm! - Joseph Bernard LLC
Northwest Corporate Federal Credit Union
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy we at Northwest Corporate are with the service and qualified applicants we receive when working with Jobdango. Last month we had two jobs posted and were able to fill both of them using Jobdango exclusively. We love the ease of your system and appreciate your help posting jobs and getting us the best bang for our buck. Keep up the great work.... I'm sure the jobs I'm posting today will come up with the same great results. Thank you. - Northwest Corporate Federal Credit Union
Community Care
Thank you for your service. We have more than doubled our staff this summer and we used Jobdango throughout and would not have been able to do so without the service or your help. - Community Care
Molalla Communications Company
We had so many responses to the Executive Assistant posting I shut it down. - Molalla Communications
IUOE Local 701
We just wanted to thank you for your help this summer in recruiting heavy equipment operators to the union. It was a new experience for us, and a good one. I'm sure we'll call upon you again next summer if our workload exceeds the manpower we have available. With projections in construction work for our area, I believe we will need to use the services you have again next year. Also, thank you for the individual help in getting us started with how to post the ads, and what to say, etc. - IUOE Local 701
RM International Inc
Jobdango -- I want to express my success with hiring a great team at RMI-- I owe a great thanks to you website, I have found the majority of our team members through and have to say with the help of you, I couldn’t ask for a better sorce to enhance my search. Thanks for your help Jobdango -- I will make you my first choice always. - RM International
UniFirst Corporation
This is the first time I had an internet job posting service call me on the telephone to follow up on the results from my posting. In my business, I have ran many internet ads. You walked me through the website and instructed me through the different fields explaining how to improve the traffic. It worked, and I instantly began receiving more resume's. I've posted 2 additional jobs since then and had equal success filling positions. I just posted another about 2 hours ago for an Office Administrator. Thanks for your help. - Unifirst
Avamere Health Services
I just got done talking with one of Directors of Nursing who was raving about the response she is getting from Jobdango in the Tacoma area. She says they routinely run ads in newspapers and get little or no response, but from Jobdango they not only get responses for all types of open positions, but good highly qualified candidates. - Avamere Health Services
Corinthian Rug and Carpet Company
We have found Jobdango to be a good resource for finding employees. Just by applicant being able to find an open position on the internet versus more traditional media – indicates a level of computer skills that is not typical for our entry level applicants. We continue to consider them a valuable partner in our recruiting process. - Corinthian Rug and Carpet Company
Pacific Science Center
I wanted to thank you for your help in our search for a Parts assistant job we were thrilled with the quick response from Jobdango .The 2nd interview we knew our search was over. We are very happy with our new employee. Thank you for your help and I will call you when we have our next job opening. - Pacific Science Center
World Class Technology
I got very good resumes. I will definitely use this site again. - World Class Technology
Bogumil, Holzgang, Harris & Co.
Your services are great and we will continue to use Jobdango for our hiring needs. The website is easy to navigate and it is easy to make changes to posted ads. Thank you for being a local avenue for job recruiting. - Bogumil, Holzgang, Harris & CO.
Tarlow Naito & Summers LLP
Thank you for the renewal notice. As I thought, we don't need to renew. The Jobdango machine did a great job for us. Next time we're looking for someone, you'll be the first to know. Thank you, again... - Tarlow Naito & Summers
UHC Solutions
I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I really appreciate the level of customer service that I have received. It really means a lot to me that you put time into answering all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns. My company went with the resume database thinking it would be temporary solution but I believe we will want to further establish our relationship in the future as our local contracting business grows. After all that praise, I have another question. Our contract specialist for RNs in Portland Metro continues to enjoy the people I pass onto her, the problem is there just aren't enough. I want to make sure that I am finding all of the RNs I possibly can out of the resume database. Thanks again for all that you do and we'll be in touch. - UHC Solutions
Joyful Noise Child Development Center
Jobdango has proven to be a great option for us in recruiting new employees. I wish I had looked into it sooner! Beyond that, your personal service and professionalism Is outstanding. So many times, computer techs for companies are brash and impatient. At Jobdango however, each time I’ve needed assistance in setting up my ad or making changes to the account, you and your co-workers have been very easy to work. Thank you, we will be using you again and again! - Joyful Noise Child Development Center
Select Staff, Ltd.
Just wanted to let you know that we have had tremendous success using Jobdango and will continue to use your system each time we have a new job opening. - Select Staff
Retail Research Group, Inc.
Thanks for checking on us. We're fine at this time (small shop), but we were very pleased with Jobdango, and we will be looking to you for our future needs. Merry Christmas! - Retail Research Group
Espresso Machine Experts
We are fortunate at EME that things happen for a reason. You calling on me was a great example. I had placed several advertisements in the Sunday Oregonian and their online service with almost no results. Versus 3 years ago when I got great results. I had been thinking about alternatives when you called. The results were awesome. We got 15-20 applicants, we interviewed 5, and 4 were great. We hired 2. Thank you. Any of my employment needs in the future will go to Jobdango. And you and your support team made it very easy. - Espresso Machine Experts
Elliott Powell Baden & Baker Inc
I would definitely use Jobdango again as we did end up hiring our last CSR as a result of our ad with you! - Elliott Powell Baden & Baker
Suburban Chevrolet
I’m now convinced that jobdango works, we’ve had several inquires on our sales job and it has been filled. Thanks and you will hear from us again. - Suburban Chevrolet
Rogue Ales
Wanted to thank you for your efforts in helping us find a Controller. We received over 75 resumes’, most of which met the requirements listed. We’ve made an offer and hope to have a Controller on board soon. Happy holidays and thanks again! - Rogue Ales
Security Signs
I wanted to let you know Security Signs was very impressed with our Jobdango experience. The website was easy to use, effective, and straightforward. We had 45 applicants, many of whom responded almost immediately. We definitely would use this great venue again. Thanks! - Security Signs
Dicks Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge
We filled the position with all of the MANY MANY applications we got off of Jobdango. :) - Dicks Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge
BPM Development LLC
We have hired for both positions and are grateful for the great customer service your company provided! - BPM Development
Paracon, Inc.
Thank you - right now we have had a huge response. Too many to get thru. Narrowed it to 10 and then to the top 5. Naturally in the process the first was already taken. Trying to reach our second choice right now. I would HIGHLY recommend you and Jobdango. Great people came for an interview. Thank you. Will probably hire from the list so far, but will keep the renewal in mind. Thanks again! - Paracon
Allied Insurance
Thanks for the e-mail. In a little over 24 hours I have received 16 resumes, 4 of which look quite good. I believe I should be able to fill our Intern position within 1-2 weeks, if not sooner. I may have another position to post soon but am waiting for an answer from the hiring team. I must say the site is very easy and fast to use - what every recruiter can hope for! Thanks and have a great evening! - Allied Insurance
Third Party International
Thanks so much for the follow up call. You made it very easy to work with Jobdango and we were very happy with the pool of candidates we had to choose from. It was a great service for our recruiting process. - Third Party International
Crystal Greens Landscape Inc.
Thanks for the update. The response we have had with our office manager has been unreal. I don't think we will have to renew. At one point it was hard to keep up with all the responses!! - Crystal Greens Landscape
NW Natural
Thanks for your excellent customer service. We had quite a few qualified applicants in a very short time. We are still going through the interview process but expect to complete the process shortly. The value for the service you provide and the ease of use is great. - NW Natural
Holmes Royer, LLP is by far the best job posting website out there! I’ve used many websites in the past and has proven to generate the most and best applicants. Thank you! - Holmes Royer
Jobdango has proven to be our best source for a quality candidates. We have tried a variety of other sources and services for recruiting and hiring, and have found that Jobdango consistently provides us with more qualified candidates than other services. We were able to fill our last opening within a week. Thank you! - IMS
Just a quick note to say thanks for your helpful assistance; because of we have been successful hiring new employees. In the past using newspaper print and other services it could take weeks if not months to find a person and with little to choose from at that. However; since switching to and using you to best structure our advertisements we have had a large number of applicants to choose from and fill our positions in a fraction of the time. - Herzog-Meier
Crystal Greens Landscape Inc.
Thanks for all the Great Service with our 3 adds. Your service with the set up of our account all the the way to our end date was outstanding!! The responses we had with our adds was unreal!! I will use Jobdango again when we need to place adds for any job openings we may have in the future. I will also tell everyone about your product and awesome service!! Jobdango's customer service is Awesome!!!!!!! - Crystal Greens Landscape
First Horizon Home Loans
Thanks for the follow up call. I have to say that the pool to choose from definitely grew once I went with your company. - First Horizon Home Loans
Accurate Auto of Beaverton
I can not believe the flood of great prospects I got from Jobdango. This was, by far, the best advertising media I have ever use to get new employees. - Accurate Auto of Beaverton
Paracon, Inc.
Thank you - we got a very nice young gentlemen, thanks to Jobdango. - Paracon
Commencement Bay Marine Services
I do want to let you know we did just hire a new lead mechanic who found us and applied thru your site, thank you! I will be in touch when we need another posting. Thanks again. - Commencement Bay Marine Services
Fikes of Oregon Inc
I would like to give you some feedback on our experience with your company. First of all you have shown exceptional customer service and been extremely helpful in assisting us in finding a candidate in the Portland Metro Area. Quite frankly we were surprised at the tremendous response we received to our job posting. In addition, many of the candidates seemed eager to work with strong qualifications. All of your follow up calls and e-mails have taken place as promised. I look forward to adding Jobdango as a service partner as our business model continues to evolve and grow. Best regards! - Fikes of Oregon
Cort Furniture
You really could start a business as a successful selling skills motivator. Whenever I think or want to spend one second whining about slow business, I think of your business and how you have built it up. The best example I can give you is your continual follow-up and follow-through with me. And I bet I am by far not your biggest customer, and yet you always make me feel like I am. Thank you! - Cort Furniture
Thrifty Car Rental
I just wanted to let you know how well our advertising on Jobdango is going. I have listings posted on and and by far the biggest response has been from jobdango! We have already hired 4 new people in the last month. Thank you for all your help! - Thrifty Car Rental
The Gary Law Group
I am happy to announce that we hired someone as of yesterday! So we will not need to renew at this time. Thank you so much for all your help - I would recommend to others. - The Gary Law Group
Cornerstone Revolutions LLC
Jobdango worked really well for us! We ran a posting and were able to fill the position before our listing ran out. We were very pleased with this result and have since posted another job opening with Jobdango. - Cornerstone Revolutions
CTX Business Solutions
I have used Jobdango about 5 different times over the past year and had excellent results, lots of resumes and lots of interest in the positions we have open. I was instructed to try Monster for my next job posting, so I did. Posted a job last Friday April 13, 2007, so far I have received one response. If I would have used Jobdango instead of Monster I would probably have around 25 resumes or more to review. So now I am going to post the job opening on Jobdango so I can get some results! - CTX Business Solutions
Institute of Computer Technology
We have used national job-posting services in the past and have found none in Oregon that provide the quantity coupled with the quality of resumes we have experienced using Jobdango. I am also impressed with the staff's positive responsiveness and pleasantly proactive approach to serving their customers. - Institute of Computer Technology
The S Group, Inc./ Life is Good International
In a fast growing company it is nice to have a resource like Jobdango. We have received lots of great resumes to choose from and the customer service is impeccable. We will definitely use your service in the future and will continue to recommend the website to both employers and jobseekers. - The S Group / Life is Good International
Direct Marketing Solutions
Thanks for your help -- got an outstanding candidate from JOBDANGO!!!! Keep up the good work. - Direct Marketing Solutions
All American Specialty Restaurants
Thanks to, my company was able to fill the position of Training Rep. The quality and sheer numbers of resumes was incredible! With so many to choose from, we were able to pick the best person for the position. The staff at Jobdango made the whole Experience wonderful! We will use them again in the future. Thumbs up!!! - All American Specialty Restaurants
ALSO (Adult Learning Systems of Oregon Inc)
I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated working with Jobdango. The single move from spending significant time trying to diversify and change our advertisements to switching exclusively to recruiting through Jobdango has saved our agency a lot of time and money. We went from feeling that the job market was just too competitive to get a large pool of applicants to not knowing what to do with all the applicants that we now receive. We also seem to get a better qualified applicant pool. Thanks Jobdango for helping us succeed. - ALSO / Adult Learning Systems of Oregon
Lasercare, Inc.
I just wanted to say thank you to Jobdango. With no success trying to fill a single telemarketing position with different job search sites I had been using, I decided to try a your service. Within 24 hours of posting for a telemarketing position on the Jobdango site I received resumes from six qualified candidates. Over the course of my 30 day post I received dozens of resumes. In addition to filling the one position I was originally looking to fill, the great response afforded me the opportunity to create an additional opening and I hired two people. I'll certainly use Jobdango in the future! - Lasercare
Jobdango is very easy to use, and makes managing incoming resumes a snap. The job posting process was very easy, and the customer support was great. We are very pleased, and found several great candidates, one of which we will be extending an offer to. - Net-Inspect
Spartan Mortgage
I have ran Oregonian newspaper ads for loan officers and have had little response and the quality of the applicants was disturbing. With Jobdango it was a whole different experience. I was flooded with professional applicants and way too many to even call them all back. - Spartan Mortgage
Valley RV Center, Inc.
Thank you very much for your continued support. Our jobs were filled using Jobdango very quickly! I am definitely impressed with service and you can be assured that we will use Jobdango again when the need arises! - Valley RV Center
Kentec Heating
We filled our position! Thanks for the e-mails and follow up calls. We will definitely use the service again in the future. Thanks! - Kentec Heating
Pendragon Construction LLC
In a very tough labor market Jobdango has helped us hire three new employees in the past six months. We previously had used the newspapers, but the response to those ads had really dried up in the past year. Since we decided to try on line advertising through Jobdango our responses have increased, which has helped us increase the number of jobs we can perform! - Pendragon Construction
Pacific Star Communications
Jobdango is just the right venue for making our job posting visible. The internet is the way most business gets done today, and I appreciate the immediacy of the information. The price is right, my Jobdango rep, was very helpful, and I filled the position in less than 30 days. This is the second position I have filled using Jobdango exclusively, and I will call them again when the need arises. - Pacific Star Communications
Ivory Headwear
We were able to hire a great candidate using Jobdango. Thank you for all of your was easy, affordable and successful! - Ivory Headwear
Kelly Services
I have had a good experience with Jobdango. You are very helpful and easy to get a hold of. It is nice to have a live person to answer questions and help with things that I may get stuck on. I have been using Jobdango for several months now and have been pleased with the applicants I have received from it. Please feel free to let the other Kelly office contact me if they have any questions. - Kelly Services
NU West Imports
HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Hope you are having a fabulous week! Thank you so much for not only serving us but providing unparalled service. We appreciate the options that we are able to exersice through your site. Hope You have a great week! - NU West Imports
Museum Tour, Inc
Thank you for your help with the Inventory / Product Management listing we currently posted on Jobdango's site. We received an overwhelming response of qualified individuals. Informal Education Products has a small staff so our needs are sometimes far and few between. However, when we have needed to fill a position, posting with Jobdango has proven to be the most efficient way to get qualified individuals in the area. Basically, we have found that posting an employment listing with any other source is a waste of our time and money. Thank you again. Best Regards! - Museum Tour
West Coast Frames LLC
I recently used Jobdango for the first time and was very satisfied. I will use this service again! - West Coast Frames
Lewis & Clark College - BCMB
We will certainly use again if we need to hire. - Lewis & Clark College - BCMB
Cornell Pump Company
Recently I decided I would try my luck placing a couple ads with Jobdango. WOW! I received the best results ever, at least triple the response. The best thing I like about Jobdango is my applicants are local. I receive good to great local applicants with the experience and expertise that I require. Also, my Jobdango consultant is very helpful and he makes sure I get the best out of my ad. Thank you Jobdango!! - Cornell Pump Company
Popular Networks
I wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know how much we value the services and support we received from the team at Jobdango. As a growing business return on investment was a significant factor in deciding how we would find our new team member. We discovered quickly that the “free” listings were at best a significant waist of our time, leading to more frustration than fulfilling our needs. After evaluating the performance records of several companies Jobdango not only gave us the best odds they also gave us the most exposure to our target market at a very reasonable investment. Within 3 days, we had several qualified candidates that we were able to meet with interview and ultimately select someone who met our team’s expectations. I am very pleased with our investment and will only consider or recommend Jobdango for our needs and those of our clients. Their follow up, ease of use and overall functionality made our hiring process very easy and enjoyable. Thank you team Jobdango! Kindest regards. - Popular Networks
T.E. Walrath Trucking, Inc.
I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in the placement of our most recent ad with Jobdango. We received more than enough local responses to fill the position. Jobdango promised local response and that is exactly what they delivered. I will continue using your service with results like this. - T.E. Walrath Trucking
T&R Company
We had excellent results and now have an excellent employee! - T&R Company
Farmers Insurance Group
In today's environment exceptional customer service makes a world of difference. The customer service I receive from Jobdango surpasses all others. I always feel as though I am your most important customer. Jobdango is my top choice job posting site! - Farmers Insurance Group
Earnest Images
We received over 30 applications for our position and there were over 400 hits on our ad. The ad worked great and the service you personally provided was excellent. I will be recommending Jobdango to my friends. - Earnest Images
Puget Sound Educational Service District
I want to thank you for your help in placing our first ad with Jobdango. The process was quick, simple and cost-effective. Our agency was very pleased with the response we received from the many qualified candidates, both in our area and around the country. We plan to continue offering Jobdango as an advertising option when placing future job ads. - Puget Sound Educational Service District
Fence Specialists
I have many qualified apps and am in the final stages of making my hiring decision. Once again your service has proven useful, valuble, and simple. - Fence Specialists
Perma Dry Waterproofing, Inc
We get telemarketing calls by the dozens, It was just by chance that you called on a snow day and reached me, instead of being turned away by one of my front office staff, as they’re trained to do with telemarketers. I listened to your story, gave it that cautious “one time try”, and here I am, 3 days later, placing another listing. While the newspapers fail to return one or two calls for the investment, we received close to 22 applications so far on our first listing! I am honestly blown away and VERY impressed with your program!! Jobdango has delivered will above any expectations I had, and has now earned the top spot with Perma Dry when it comes to recruitment. Thanks for being persistent and good luck with this monster program. You have a convert. - Perma Dry Waterproofing
Portland Meadows
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you now how excited I am about our job posting with Jobdango. We have had about a 60% greater response than we normally receive. We posted with a local newspaper that also has an online service. We received one response and the cost was over $500. We are checking references on four of the applicants from your service. I can assure you we will be using you and your companies’ services again in the future. Thank you for following up with me, I had no idea what we were missing! - Portland Meadows
Smashing Ideas Inc
My experience posting jobs on the site was very pleasant. Not only was it quick and easy to post online, the customer service was exceptional. Always readily available to answer questions and help out when needed. I will definitely use again in the future for my job posting needs. Thanks again! - Smashing Ideas
North Queen Anne Child Care
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help in getting our job openings listed. I have placed ads with several different agencies and media without the service and response that I have gotten in one week with Jobdango! After 20 minutes of having my add placed, I recieved my first inquiry call. The ability to check the job stats is a great feature, along with the personal touch from Jobdango is amazing. I had a question about the stats feature and sent an e-mail to Jobdango. They could have responded via e-mail, however they took the time to call and answer my question personally. Next time I have an open position, I will be using Jobdango! - North Queen Anne Child Care
Earnest Images
A month ago I placed a help wanted ad with to see if the results would be better than a similar ad I placed with Jobdango last October. I can tell you that the response to the Monster ad was a major disappointment compared to yours. Your ad produced approx. 30 responses of which I interviewed 5 and hired one. The Monster ad produced 10 responses, none of which were good enough to warrant an interview. There is no question who will get my business next time! - Earnest Images
TruGreen LandCare
I was very pleased with the number of qualified applicants for my open Landscape Account Manager position. Most of the applicants I received came highly qualified making for a large pool of candidates to interview. What I especially liked with Jobdango was the category of “Landscape” which many other job search websites were lacking. Using that specific job category really put me in reach with persons who were looking for a position in that field alone. - Trugreen LandCare
Thanks to Jobdango we have just hired a suitable applicant. Thanks again, we had great reply's to our job listing and will certainly use Jobdango in the future. - Allports
Health Alliance International
This was our first time using Jobdango for advertising and we were surprised with how many qualified applications we received. This type of position has always been difficult to fill and were even considering going directly to a recruitment agency for help. We gave Jobdango a try and as a result saved a lot of money not having to resort to going to a recruiter. We look forward to using Jobdango again. - Health Alliance International
Traffic Safety Supply Co.
I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding qualified candidates. We have received aver 150 applicants where with other services we might be lucky to get 25 applicants. Your service gave us many quality people to choose from and we appreciate your services. I will definitely use Jobdango for our future employee needs. - Traffic Safety Supply
Consolidated Food Management
We have had a very good response to our posting with Jobdango. I am still contacting people for interviews and have several applications in backgrounds. Thank You for all your help. We have used newspaper want ads, employment ads and other job postings but our best and most positive interaction has been with Jobdango. - Consolidated Food Management
Palmers Auto Repair
We filled our position in the first week we had it on Jobdango!! - Palmers Auto Paint
Columbia NW Heating & Air Conditioning
I wanted to let you know that we have received an abundance of qualified applicants from this job posting...Jobdango totally ROCKS! - Columbia NW Heating & Air Conditioning
Tri County Painting
THANK-YOU for your outstanding service.It's allways a joy to work with you. I do my best to spread the word about you! Our recent advertising with jobdango was a outstanding sucess. I'll be sure to call you again soon with the busy season at our door step when the need arrives again. - Tri County Painting
Ironwood Homes, Inc.
Jobdango was a great help! I will not continue the add at this time. I don't think I need to as I had many promising candidates. I will start the interview process soon. The list of questions I added was awesome, I was able to quickly assess the candidates experience and skills without the time consuming effort of studying resumes or interviewing each. I will use Jobdango for every new hire in the future! - Ironwood Homes
Pre1 Software, LLC
Jobdango provided our company real value.  Their knowledgeable sales reps, took time to clearly explain how Jobdango would create a return on our investment.  We received more resumes from Jobdango than any other employment site we advertised with.  We found a great candidate for the job and have filled the position in less than 30 days. Thanks, Jobdango! - Pre1 Software
Visiting Angels
Just wanted to let you know how successful our time with Jobdango has been. In one week we have received 10 resumes for suitable office staff. Whats great about Jobdango is the option of month to month purchasing of services. I talked with some other internet services and they all wanted signed contracts for up to a year. I just wanted to take a moment to let  you know what Jobdango does for us is the smart bussiness decision. - Visiting Angels
Safe Harbor Mortgage
We have been utilizing Jobdango for the past year as our primary source of advertising for loan officers.  Jobdango has consistently provided us with the highest number of applicants at the lowest price compared to the competing job sites. - Safe Harbor
Mad Science of Portland & Vancouver
Hi Jobdango,

This is Mad Science of Portland and Vancouver. I just wanted to thank you folks for being so helpful! Thanks to your website we've successfully filled the positions we were hiring for with qualified applicants ahead of schedule, and as well, our account manager at Jobdango has been more than vigilante in letting me know about my add (i.e. prices and expirations dates). Further, it is good to know that there are services like yours that allow us to establish and maintain more earth friendly alternatives. It is our inherent responsibility to conserve our natural resources and your site allows us to continue our business' paperless mentality. We will definately be utilizing your services in the future!

Thank you again! - Mad Science of Portland & Vancouver

Southwest Office Systems
Thank you for the reminder. Jobdango did a great job for Southwest Office Systems and we have selected a new employee. I will definitely use Jobdango AGAIN FOR ANY OF OUR EMPLOYMENT NEEDS. - Southwest Office Systems
Eastside Van & Storage/ Mayflower
Wow, we placed an ad with Jobdango in September for the 2nd time.  We had placed an ad last year as well. We had a great response! We had tons of applicants respond and ended up hiring two people. Thank You Jobdango! - Eastside Van & Storage / Mayflower
First Choice In-Home Care

I wanted to let you know that once again Jobdango has provided me with many excellent responses to my job ad. I was able to hire a person who I feel will make a positive impact with First Choice.  Thank you! - First Choice In-Home Care

SR Smith
I ran the same posting on and, and received by far the best candidates from Jobdango.  My last two hires have come from Jobdango and I have been very pleased with their performance.  When looking for local talent, I know only one source moving forward, Jobdango!  Thanks for your help. - SR Smith
Coast Rehabilitation Services
Just to let you know that we have hired an RN through our Jobdango ad. She actually responded to our original ad in April and she re-applied. Thank you for your efforts. If in the future we are seeking another professional position we will contact you. - Coast Rehabilitation Services
Michael Allen's

The recent position we advertised on Jobdango yielded excellent results.  We ended up with three highly qualified applicants for our position, all of whom found us through Jobdango.  After several interviews and a very difficult decision we have hired an exceptional employee.  We will definitely be using Jobdango for our future needs. - Michael Allen's

Pacific Coast Sign Supply
At first I was a little worried about using this website because of the cost and the fact that I had never used it before. To my surprise my experience was great. I had trouble setting up my ad and tech support answered every question.

I found our purchaser very quickly and she has been working out great with our company. Thank you and we will make sure to use your company again. - Pacific Coast Sign Supply
Dow Columbia
You guys were terrific, and I will absolutely use Jobdango again. You were, of course, very easy to work with: disarming, personable and professional. The service was relatively intuitive, and I LOVED being able to put as much data in as I could think to add. Finally, the job applicants we got were many and varied.  

We will definitely use Jobdango for our future hiring needs, and you are the guy I’ll call if I have questions. (I have a big mouth, so if I think of anyone that could use you guys, I’ll be sure to send them to YOU! - Dow Columbia

Zbinden & Curtis
Jobdango proved to have a better applicant base than other job search sites. I had a higher quantity of applicants than I previously experienced with Portland Job Finder. Thank you! - Zbinden & Curtis
Sundstrom Clinical Services, LLC
Thanks for your help with our job posting.  In just a few days we had over a hundred applicants submit their resumes.  We had a very good selection of candidates to choose from.  We were very happy with how easy it was to use Jobdango. - Sundstrom Clinical Services
Gastroenterology Specialists of Oregon
We have used Jobdango for the last two years. We are always amazed at the quick response from candidates as soon as the job is posted, and the number of responses we gain.  Using the "Featured Job" tool, which announces a position during the KPTV news broadcasts, not only advertises the position..but promotes our clinic name as well. - Gastroenterology Specialist of Oregon
EcoWater Northwest

Thanks to Jobdango, after over a hundred applications, we filled our front office job. - EcoWater Northwest

Advantis Credit Union
Just wanted to say thanks for providing such excellent service!  We recently posted a position with Jobdango and Careerbuilder and were very happy with the response we received from our ad with you…we had a much bigger response and the candidates we saw were much more qualified than what we received from Careerbuilder.  Thank you so much for making our money well spent! - Advantis Credit Union
Penguin Windows
Thanks so much!

Judging from the responses we've been getting, I ought to take you to lunch one day just to say "You Rock". - Penguin Windows
US Bank - Financial Sales
I appreciate your efforts in always being ready and willing to assist me with my hiring needs. I will absolutely be contacting you when we are ready to hire again in our Financial Sales department seeing as how Jobdango is the only outside recruiting tool we use for staffing that position! Thank you for all of your continued help and support! - US Bank
I just want to take a moment to share with you how much I appreciate the job your team did with advertising our Associate Manager position. I received roughly three times the response that I have experienced with similar postings on I look forward to working with you more in the future. Again, thanks to your team for a great job - Bi-Mart

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